We have featured our kerosene/oil lamps, but want to revisit in lieu of February's approach and the Farmer's Almanac's predictions for blizzards.  In case of power outage, this is a very safe option for lighting around your house.  Easy to care for , convenient and reliable.  We have a nice selection in which to choose from.  

  We have, what we have been told, to be a fully functional flax wheel.   The color is absolutely perfect in the old mustard paint.  If you are an artisan, this would make a great traditional piece for your yarns.  If. you are looking for an authentic antique piece to fill a corner, this would be perfect for you.  $100

Silver Set for 6 with box

Korean chest with brass butterfly hinges

Mr. Peanut lithograph poster

We have a nice selection of framed art.  The picture above is part of a framed print of the Hesper and Luther Little, decades old Damariscotta landmarks.  In addition we have a number of seafaring and vintage books.  This 1926 Scouting for Girls Handbook Guide Girl Scouts Vintage Book is priced at $12

This little guy is a whimsical French ceramic depicting a chiropractor.